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The Theater of Via Bara all’Olivella

The Theater of Via Bara all’Olivella in Palermo is the heart and engine of a recent past and an open future. Since its founding – on July 18, 1973 – it has always attracted wide interest, both as a historical testimony and as theatrical research, continuously drawing local audiences and foreign visitors…

La Macchina dei Sogni

“La Macchina dei Sogni” festival (English: “The Dream Machine”) was born in the spring of 1984 as a tribute to Giacomo Cuticchio’s 50 years of artistic activity, and as a sign of gratitude from his sons to their father-master. Shows exhibitions and conferences alternate over the course of a month. The festival turns out to be an event of extraordinary quality…

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Mimmo, the eldest of Giacomo Cuticchio's male children, broke away from his father's company in 1971 and formed the Figli d'Arte Cuticchio group, operating in schools of all levels. On July 29, 1973, he opened the Teatro dei Pupi S. Rosalia in Palermo on Via Bara all'Olivella No. 95 where the cycle of the story of the Paladins of France is still performed today and where...